Clearance Buying.

Turn your unwanted stock into cash

S&H Supplies buy clearance stocks accross a range of areas including Package Changes, Bankrupt Stock, Surplus Stock, Unwanted Stock, Liquidation Stock, Stocklots, Clothing, Toiletries, Household Items, Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, Toys, Games, Nursery, Stationery, Men & Women's Accessories, Gardening & Outdoor Living Items, Large & Small Electricals and Food & Drink.


Space is an unseen asset! Are you in possesion of stock that you need to liquidate? Thinking about expanding or consolidating your business? wasting time and space can create uneccessary overheads and leave you out of pocket. Abandonded warehouse consignments? Cancelled orders? Mail-Order Closeouts? Surplus or Over-Productions? React quickly and clear your surplus inventory, pallets or containers to us generating cashflow, creating warehouse space, safe in the knowledge that the goods will be placed outside your normal marketplace!

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We will react quickly to your needs, with complete discretion! We look to establish long-term business relationships with companies that experience problems with their customers or major accounts. We will work with you to ensure you and your client's market remains protected.

CALL NOW ON +44 (0) 1132659593